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This year's Christmas Offering is going entirely to missions, both locally and around the world! Read on below for all the details and click below to contribute.

2023 Christmas Offering 

Divine Mission


Each year, we faithfully seek the Lord regarding our Christmas Offering. Your generosity and obedience in years past has reroofed the church, paid off all our debt, helped fund Pocono Mountain Christ School, expanded our iKidz ministry, and so much more. This offering is meant to be above and beyond your tithe or regular giving to the church, which is why it is so crucial that you pray and seek the Lord regarding how to give. 


This year our Christmas Offering is going entirely to missions. Yes, that means every penny given will be invested in local and global missions projects that we support! I believe the Lord is directing us to expand the way we at Innovation support missions in a big way. We currently invest $20,000 a year in monthly giving to missions. I would love to see that number increase and remain over $75,000 a year! This is a miracle number for us, and I know that this money isn’t just lying around. It’s being used to buy new clothes, coffees, dinner out, extra days of vacation, or some of the essentials for you and your family. Whatever the case may be, Scripture commands us to give joyfully, for those in need, for those who have yet to hear the name of Jesus, and bring the Gospel in any way we can… even when we have to sacrifice to make that happen. 


Would you please consider giving a one-time gift on 24th, and would you also consider pledging to support missions with a monthly commitment? No commitment is too small, and every commitment will make a difference. Similarly, no commitment is too big. Sometimes God asks for radical demonstrations of faith.

I pray we would all listen to His guidance and respond. 


Consider some of these incredible possibilities: 


If 75 families committed to give $100 a month to missions, we would raise $90,000 every year


Thankfully, God has brought even more than 75 families to be a part of Innovation Church! With an average attendance each Sunday of over 250 adults, we can do even more for others far less fortunate than us. 


If all 250 gave just $25 a month, we would meet our goal of $75,000 in yearly missions support


As your pastor, I ask that every single family in our church make a pledge to missions. Even if that pledge is only $10 a month. Start giving regularly and see how it affects your life. Of course, many of us can give significantly more than that. Are you willing to eat out one less time each month? For my family of five, a meal out is getting pretty expensive! That could be $75 a month to missions. Trust me when I say there is great joy in generosity. Allison and I started giving not just our regular tithe, but to missions, to compassion programs, and wherever the Lord led us very early in our marriage. It is a staple of who we are, and we will never stop. 


Together we can breathe new life into the missions program here at Innovation. We want to be a blessing to many missionaries working around the world, partner with them by sending out short term missions teams, and invite much greater cooperation with those bringing the Gospel to the ends of the Earth. My heart is that just like Allison and myself, we as Innovation Church would start blessing the global mission of God and never stop. Will you join us? 


Missions We Currently Support

I would love to see our missions program at Innovation grow to include several key partners in addition to those we currently support. These key partners would receive much higher monthly support and a more involved partnership with planned visits from them, trips to serve with them, and a greater commitment to partner in prayer. Below are some of the potential partners we are praying about for 2024. Notice they include programs locally, nationally, and globally with focuses on educating children, supporting widows and orphans, aiding in crises, and church planting.


Missions Partners We Hope to Adopt



A ministry in Uganda and Southern Sudan focusing on the provision and care of widows and orphans. Very large ministry with incredible scope.


Convoy of Hope

A global organization started within the Assemblies of God that specializes in disaster response, relief, and restoration.


Pocono Mountain Christian School

A local Christian school started out of Innovation Church, currently in its second year. Educating and protecting our children within a Christ centered community.


Dream Center International 

A missions program that is planting churches in the mostly unreached communities of Yucatan, Mexico.

Aged Ministers Assistance

Barner, Kevin & Sandy (Thailand) 

Barrale, Joseph (CHI ALPHA)

DiTrolio, David & Rosmarie (Paraguay)

Fellowship Partners Offering 

Foster, Jerry (N Atlantic/Canada)

Harshberger, Tom & Brook (N Ireland) 

Kovach, Fred (Global University)

Sayers, Doug (Youth Caribbean) 

Seler, Dennis & Deby (Costa Rica)

Summers, Ryan (Slovakia) 

Wentling, David (Austria)

Penndel Ministry Network

Global Teen Challenge

Elim Fellowship—Terry & Liann Nutter

Nehemiah Sober Living Inc.

Pregnancy Resource Center, Stroudsburg

Open Storehouse (Brad & Uli Klein) 

Special Olympics

Valley Forge Christian College 

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